Jan 22, 2019

Your 5 #FinancialGoals to Accomplish this 2019

From fitness goals to other ideal self-improvement targets, the New Year offers everyone a chance to start anew! While everyone is busy with their own resolutions, why not bring out your own and see if you can power through these #FinancialGoals this year:

#1 Learn how to budget - and stick with it

Say goodbye to those “where did all my money go?” moments! Improve your budgeting skills and make sure that you’re not spending more than what you earn. Learn to prioritize the important expenses first and turn your back on those impulse purchases!

#2 Find other sources of income

Having a stable day job is neat, but having side hustles can also be great as long as you can expertly manage your time. This year, explore other possible options on how to get extra cash like freelancing or even starting your own online shop!

#3 Start an Emergency Fund

“Saving up is hard to do” is a universally known fact, but it never hurts to think ahead and prepare for the future. If you haven’t started on an emergency fund yet, 2019 is the perfect time to begin!

Set aside a certain percentage of your monthly check and never touch it unless for real emergencies.

#4 Reduce debts (or clear them all!)

Aim to have a clean slate for this year! Try to repay as many debts as you can even though it can feel difficult at times. Still, the earlier you clear them, the better (because lower interest, am I right?)

#5 Investments and Insurance

Get over your fear of what you consider as scary, technical terminologies like “investment” and “insurance” and actually try it out this 2019! Don’t just save, but rather, save smartly and put your money where you can get extra perks. Do your research and you’ll be off to a good start with so many choices to choose from!

Of course, with all of these being said, the most important thing is to focus on constantly improving. These goals may seem intimidating for some but once you find your groove - and the perfect banks or financial corporations to help you out – then achieving these will be a breeze!

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Jan 22, 2019
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