Feb 27, 2019

Where to Get Start-up Capital to Start a Business?

Congratulations! You’re finally taking the leap and starting your very own business!

This is just the first step towards building your empire but it’s still gonna be a long winding road wherein you’ll be faced with tough choices and difficult calls to make. One of this is the issue of capital. Luckily, you’ve got these choices on where to get your primary resource from. Take your pick!

Personal savings

So you’ve been thinking of launching your own business for a while now. While you’re still gathering ideas on what to do and the courage to execute the how’s, you’ve made sure to constantly save up bit by bit. Then kudos to you! This small pool of resource can actually help you kickstart your business!

Just make sure that your savings aren’t completely depleted and that you always have contingency funds for those unexpected expenses. Otherwise, if it’s just a small-time venture, tapping into your savings wouldn’t hurt!

Business loans

But what if you’re dreaming bigger and your savings just don’t make the cut yet? Then this is where business loans come into play. Whether you opt for government grants or bank borrowing, you can choose to apply for extra funding on your SME (Small-and-Medium Enterprise).

One benefit from doing so is that your savings can entirely be used in case of emergencies without having to worry about having enough starting money.

However, taking these loans also mean having setting aside something throughout a specified time duration and paying a little extra for the interest it accumulates. Aside from this, applying does not always guarantee being approved especially if their standards are not met.

Instant cash loans

If you’re looking for some kind of a middle ground, though, then cash loans are your safest bet! Financial companies – such as Cashwagon – are already beginning to change to loaning scene in the Philippines by providing fast, convenient, and reliable loan schemes wherein you don’t have to worry about complex requirements or sky-high interest rates.

In fact, with instant cash loans, you’re getting the best of both worlds: not tapping into your savings just yet but also not worrying about paying interests that are higher than what you’re initially due. Win-win, right?

Now that you’ve got your capital covered, go on and feel free to dive into your newest venture. Good luck!

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Feb 27, 2019
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