Dec 14, 2018

What To Do When in Need of Emergency Cash?

We’ve all been there.

Splurging the night before payday, only to learn that your check has been delayed; leaving behind your wallet on your way to an important date; or simply just not having enough funds when you need it the most.

It’s terrible, really. But before you go into a state of panic, take a deep breath and calm down. There are several ways on how you can have cash instantly. We got you!

  1. Call-a-Friend

Lady speaks by phone

This option isn’t just available in well-known game shows. It also applies in real life, particularly when you have cash emergencies! Surely there’s always someone who’s willing to help a friend in need? Hit them up and see if they can spare some cash for you – don’t forget to thank them after!

  1. Get Pwned!

Many rings

Nope, we don’t mean get defeated by your video game opponent. It just means that you can also head over to your nearest pawnshop to trade your valuables for instant money. Have glittering jewelries, chunks of hidden gold, or even a couple of gadgets you’re willing to part with for some time? Those could work! Just don’t forget to pay back what you owe them to redeem your items before it’s due or else, say goodbye to them forever.

  1. Online Cash Loans to the rescue!

Cashwagon app on smartphone

When all else fails, you gotta seek professional help.

This is where instant cash loans come into play – like Cashwagon! It’s fast, reliable, and easy, the perfect solution for your emergency cash needs. Without the hassle of preparing complex documents and getting in long queues, you can receive your needed money whenever, wherever. Needing just some basic requirements, a couple of clicks, and a few minutes of waiting time, you’re then ready to go!

While it is true that money doesn’t grow on trees, it’s also not that difficult to find a source in times of need as long as you have the means. However, it is still important to always have your own emergency funds so as to always be ready and to avoid panicking in the future. Better safe than sorry!

Dec 14, 2018
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