May 11, 2019

Top Pinoy Small Businesses You Can Do This Summer

Summertime is here!

If the scorching hot sun outside doesn’t convince you of it, we don’t know what else. But the sun doesn’t have to be the only one shining during this period – you can too! How? By channeling your inner entrepreneur skills and bringing forth some of these cool businesses that can give you some extra spending budget for that much needed getaway vacation:

Business #1: Beat the heat – in a delicious way

Filipinos love food, regardless of what season it might be. But during summertime? Everyone’s looking for ways to cool off, and there’s no better way to do so than refreshing with some classic favorites!

Bring those sweets out and set up a small stall where you can sell some iced candy (kids will definitely love this, ten out of ten), colorful halo-halo, or a wide array of delicious food served with shaved ice such as Mais con Yelo, and Saging Con Yelo. Yum!

Business #2: Utilize the Skin Season

You know what time it is right? Beach season! While online shops are up whole-year round, summertime’s the best time to setup (or re-open) your digital store. Stock up on bikinis, board shorts, tanks, dresses, beach hats, and other beach essentials that everyone would be clamoring to get! There’s definitely a market for those during these months and it’s an ideal time to tap into them.

Business #3: Sharing is Caring!

Summer is also a great time for children to take a breather and enjoy. But instead of lazing around and watching television the entire break, help make their summer productive by sharing some of your talents!

Offer lessons, classes, or workshops where you can teach kids (and kids at heart wink) some neat skills of your own when it comes to arts and crafts, singing, instrument playing, martial arts, dancing, baking, and so many more! Plus points if you already have some experience or certification!

With all of these ideas swimming in your head, it’s easy to get swept in the excitement. However, logistics-wise, there are still many things to consider, one being the most important one of all: Capital.

But don’t worry as these won’t require you to shell out your entire bank account! In fact, you can even take up a small loan to cover up your expenses and help you get started. This is where Cashwagon comes into the picture! With fast, easy, and convenient processes, your small business will be ready to launch as soon as possible – so better get started and apply now!

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May 11, 2019
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