Feb 27, 2019

Top 5 Myths About Cash Loans

It’s easy to believe gossip – especially compelling ones, but so much more when you don’t know much about the topic in the first place. This does not only apply to personal matters but for financial facts as well. That is why we came up with these five connotations that surround cash loans – and whether they are true or not:

FICTION #1: “Isn’t it that banks are my only option?”

FACT#1: As they say, sky’s the limit! Well, this might be a bit of an exaggeration but we’re not kidding when we say that there is a wide array of choices where you could pick a scheme that you like. Aside from banks, Government institutions as well as private financial lending companies – such as Cashwagon – are other platforms that you can tap into for your cash loans!

FICTION #2: “I have no collaterals! How can I apply?”

FACT#2: There is actually a thing called unsecured loans wherein lending establishments do not require their borrowers to provide collaterals upon application. In fact, with Cashwagon, all you need are basic documentations and you’re good to go – no personal assets required!

FICTION #3: “The process takes weeks! I need the money now!”

FACT#3: While this holds true for some, there are options that offer one-day processing and even instant cash out! With Cashwagon, the process wouldn’t even take an entire day. And the best thing? Once approved, your loaned money is instantly deposited to your bank accounts, all ready for withdrawal!

FICTION #4: “Interests are always sky high and I can’t afford to pay them!”

FACT#4: Interests are part of a company’s resource to keep the business afloat. But of course, if you look hard enough, you’ll find options that offer zero-interest rates – like Cashwagon! This can definitely help you out if you’re iffy about paying more than what you owe.

FICTION #5: “I will never get approved for cash loans because of my bad credit score.”

FACT#5: Sure, some institutions require good credits for them to be eligible but as they say – never say never! Cashwagon, along with other financial corporations, is actually meant for those who can no longer be accommodated by traditional lenders.

In a nutshell, there are always lots of options and what may be true for some institutions are not necessarily applicable in the general sense.

There is really no one-shot formula with cash loans as it all depends on the company so check your facts because from interest rates to payment duration, everything differs! All you really have to do is conduct thorough research to find one that suits you best.

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Feb 27, 2019
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