May 18, 2019

Quick Guide to Travelling Solo

Tired of vacation plans ending up as drawings?

We feel you! And turns out, so many others have the same sentiments, thus the emergence of solo travelling and travel groups. No need to keep messaging on that group chat just to satisfy your inner wanderer. Just pack your bags and head off whenever, where ever!

Of course, going alone might feel scary at first, but it can actually turn out to be an exciting and memorable one! Here are some tips to take note of when going out on an adventure on your own:

Pro-tip #1: Research, research, research!

As previously mentioned, you are not alone in feeling like you gotta take matters into your own hands just to make your travel plans happen! Because of this, there are lots of travel group options where you can be a joiner!

An advantage of this is that you wouldn’t have to explore alone – plus, you even get other perks such as group discounts and maybe even a tour guide! Make sure to research well first to find a group that will be going to your target destination and choose a package that fits you the most.

Pro-tip #2: Channel your inner Social Butterfly!

Whether you’re going full-on solo or joining a travel group, be ready to pack up on some extrovert skills because you’re gonna need it! Without your usual companions, it’s inevitable to talk to strangers which also gives you the perfect opportunity to meet new people. Don’t be afraid to befriend locals and get to know them more. Surely you’d discover new and interesting things about the culture and the place!

Pro-tip #3: Stay safe!

This is a non-negotiable to any trips you’ll take. Going solo offers a lot of opportunities for fun and leisure but it also doubles the risk since you have no one to constantly watch for your back. Learn to say no, be cautious, and party responsibly!

Pro-tip #4: Have fun!

The most important thing of all is to enjoy and relax! While planning ahead is important, the real adventure lies outside your comfort zone so be open to try new things and don’t be afraid to go on little detours. Check out off-the-road places and discover lowkey spots that haven’t been visited by lots of tourists!

Travelling solo can be quite an experience but it’s still fun to pursue all your planned trips with your friends and family! Take time to color those drawings and ensure that everyone’s on board so that they can save up for it.

Of course, some things just can’t wait. So if there’s an upcoming trip and you still got no budget for it, no worries because Cashwagon’s got you covered!

Now you have no excuse to miss out on adventures when you can take up a small cash loan that is quick, easy, and hassle-free to apply for. Better get started today!

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May 18, 2019
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