Dec 03, 2018

Meet These Requirements and Get Approved at Cashwagon!

Millennials have always been too overwhelmed by banks’ endless forms while older people cannot always be on the go to visit brick and mortar offices. Those in between? They never really have the time to spare to line up on long queues and wait. But today’s innovative and dynamic technologies paved the way to convenient online consumer financing services!

However, online bank loans can be intimidating or scary for some. And with the emergence of several brands offering the same services, of course you’d want to choose the most reliable and efficient one. And what better brand to pick than the pioneer in the market?

Introducing Cashwagon – where your road to instant cash loans begins! It’s a Philippine based financial technology company which uses cutting-edge technology to address everyday needs of Filipinos in an innovative way. And the best thing about it? Cashwagon’s completely hassle-free!

All you have to do is tick off these requirements and you’re good to go:

  1. Must be between 20 to 60 years old

Whether you’re in your early twenties or late fifties, you can still get your loan!

  1. Must be currently employed or with a steady income

As long as you have the means to pay back, then Cashwagon will gladly give you a hand in addressing your everyday needs.

  1. Must possess a valid home address within the entire Philippines.

Enriching and adding values to Filipinos’ lives is one of Cashwagon’s goals so you must be residing here in the country to get approved – wherever in the 7,641 islands of the Philippines you may be.

  1. Prepare personal information

While no complex documents are needed, some basic personal information must be provided – just to make sure that you’re you, you know?

  1. Prepare bank account details

Lastly, you gotta have a bank account or where else will your money end up, right?

Being financially wise is always a must for everyone but rough patches, minor setbacks, and monetary emergencies are unavoidable. Good thing Cashwagon’s got your back whenever, wherever! You can even count the requirements with the fingers of just one hand – yes, online bank loans can be this easy!

So if you’re just starting, why not check this one out? For more deets, be sure to visit their Facebook page at and follow them on twitter at @cashwagonph.

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Dec 03, 2018
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