Jun 12, 2018

I Need a Loan, What Do I Need to do?

There will come a point in our lives where we would need a loan, and need it fast. But before borrowing money, we think to think ahead and know what to expect next. Figuring out what kind of loan you need is essential so you could figure out a plan to do with the money.

Decide what the money is for and plan how much you can spend monthly and calculate the amount of debt you can handle. How much you borrow should be based on how much you need to cover and what your income suffices.

Once you have deciphered the loan that suits your needs, decide where or to whom you could loan. Look around to check interest rates, loan terms, and payment options to get the best deals suited for you.

How much money do I need

We all need money for different reasons but most of us are impractical when it comes to how much we really need. We must be realistic and apply for an amount based on our available resources. Have a budget plan that contains profit and loss statements based on your cash flow to avoid underestimating and overestimating.

Know your credit score for it is your reputation as a loaner which is a way the bank checks if your loan would be approved or not. Your credit or the history of your ability to borrow and the amount you have borrowed shows your capability to pay back what you plan to loan within the time agreed upon.

How quickly can I return the loan

You can quickly return the money borrowed if it within your means. Also, opt for shorter payment terms for lower costs. Stretching out your payment term would only cause a higher total payment. Loans are best paid early to avoid interest and lessen the overall term of the loan and here are five ways to pay loans fast:

Save, save, save! Instead of purchasing things you would not need, put them into savings. From there, you may even be able to make extra payments for your loan.

Round up the payments to the nearest 50 or 100 to be able to pay more of your cash loan.

Take advantage of discounts such as enrolling in auto-debit and paperless if it is available in the loan you acquired. If you can, pay every two weeks to cut change from your expenses and redirect your funds to your debt to avoid a longer term and unknowingly pay off the loan even earlier.

Never forget due dates! You might lose your perks for being a good payer and it would be reflected on your credit history which will then stress you out because you will also be paying a finance charge depending on the interest of your loan that will be added to your total amount due that includes outstanding balances.

Which way is it easier for me to repay the loan

There are many ways of paying off loans and choose a payment plan flexible for your means and needs. You may even opt to switch to a different plan at any period of time depending on your preference and monthly income.

If you have problems with your current payment day, you can ask your loan servicer to have the date be changed and if you were able to acquire multiple loans, you may ask to simplify it and be able to combine it into one loan.

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Jun 12, 2018
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