May 04, 2019

Free Must-have Apps for Emergencies

Given the recent earthquakes and aftershocks that rocked the Philippines for the past weeks, it goes to say that natural catastrophes and emergencies are totally unexpected. You can never know what goes next or when you’ll be needing something – quick!

As they say, better safe than sorry and it pays to always be prepared. That is why we have compiled some applications that might come in handy when you find yourself in different kinds of emergencies:


#3. Batingaw App

The Earth in itself is already unpredictable, and nobody can accurately predict when a disaster is going to strike so it’s best to always be ready. Aside from having a go-to bag of necessities, another way to prepare yourself for literal emergencies is to have Batingaw, a disaster risk management application, installed on your phone.

With this, you can turn your smartphone into a utility device equipped with basic survival tools such as a flashlight, compass, and radio. It is also stocked with useful information about what to do during a calamity to serve as your guide. Batingaw has a whole range of other neat features you’d definitely want to check out. Trust us.


#2. San Bidet

Not all emergencies have to be earth-shaking and ground breaking calamities, though. Some personal ones take place internally, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not as urgent! When the call of nature comes beckoning, you have no choice but to answer. Luckily, San Bidet provides a wide range of places with clean public bathrooms (with bidets!) where you can head off to relieve yourself. Life = hacked!


#1. Cashwagon

Last but definitely not the least is a must-have application in your smartphone which you can utilize when you’re in need of some emergency cash.

With Cashwagon’s convenient application and an easier claiming process, there’s no more need to worry when you need to immediately cashout for something and payday is still weeks away!

There are so many more available applications out there and the only thing left to do is to choose what you’ll need the most because being ready at any given time is the key. Stay safe!

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May 04, 2019
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