Jan 22, 2019

8 Life Hack Apps Everyone Should Have On Their Phones

Let’s face it. We’re living in a technological era.

In this digital time where almost everything is accessible through just a couple of taps, hundreds of mobile applications have popped up, offering a wide array of options ranging from games, trackers, media players, editors, and so many more!

But of course, it’s impossible to download and use every available thing. This is why we’ve shortlisted 8 must-have mobile apps that would help make your life easier. Let’s check them out below:

#8 SHAREit


While offering a whole other features such as engaging content, hilarious videos, and other media, SHAREit is commonly known for its ability to send files across platforms. Looking at it, we’ve already come a long way from Infrared to Bluetooth. And now, SHAREit is here to make high-speed file transfer possible.

#7 Skyscanner


Perfect for the travel junkies who are just itching to hop on to their next flight! Skyscanner allows its users “search, compare, and book” everything that they might need on their next trip. It is also a great platform to stay updated on latest promos and discounts so that you never miss on deals and price alerts!

#6 Period Tracker Clue


Otherwise known as simply “Clue” this app can be considered heaven-sent as it helps in tracking the ladies’ monthly flow - no more surprise visits! Aside from allowing its users to prepare ahead of time, it also offers resources and useful content when it comes to health education and sexuality. After all, it’s already 2019, right?

#5 San Bidet


While the concept can be absurd at first, San Bidet is actually a very helpful tool when nature calls! Just recently launched this January, this up-and-coming app (app-and-coming?) is easy to use when you’re in search of clean public bathrooms with bidets. Spread the word, ladies and gents!

#4 Camscanner


As what its name implies, Camscanner allows your mobile phone to be a portable scanner. With this app, there’s no more need to head over to the scanning machine just to get a decent soft copy of your documents. All you have to do is simply snap a photo, and Camscanner will do the rest!

#3 30 Day Fitness Challenge


There’s already a large pool of fitness apps but the 30 Day Fitness Challenge is definitely on top of that list! The best thing about the app is its customization features - from difficulty levels to the type of exercises, you can freely tailor fit everything to suit your needs. It also has a built-in “instructor” in case you need an extra push in finishing that 30-second plank.

#2 Amazon Kindle


Contrary to popular belief that you have to splurge on an actual Kindle to access your fave ebooks, Amazon Kindle is here for all the readers with a smartphone! You just simply have to download the app and voila! You can read to your heart’s content. And the best thing? You can also use this to view other documents in your phone. Talk about functionality!

#1 Cashwagon


And to cap off our list, an app that will save you during financial emergencies. Cashwagon is your go-to app for instant cash wherein you can process your loan in just a few steps! No need to get in long bank queues or provide complicated documentation - all you have to do is supply basic requirements and you’re good to go. Life = hacked!

To know more, be sure to visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/cashwagonph/ and follow them on Twitter at @cashwagonph.

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Jan 22, 2019
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