Aug 09, 2018

6 Easy Ways to Not Overspend in the Supermarket

In our present day consumer society where bombardment by TV commercials and social media is our daily staple being a spendthrift has become a way of life for the majority. Giving in to the allurements of the advertisers and endless barrage of promo and displays one can easily give in to impulse buying when doing shopping or grocery in the supermarket. There are easy ways to curb this impulse and establish discipline in your spending.

1. Create shopping card

Since there are endless items that will invade your eyes and awaken desires the moment you step in the portals of the supermarket you should be ready way ahead of time to ignore them. You can do this by listing all the items you will buy in the supermarket in an index card. Include only the items you really need. And with your index card be like a horse with a cover in the eyes going only to your intended direction – the items in your index card.

2. Use member card

Supermarket and other stores offer membership card where you earn reward points each time you present them when you pay at the cashier. Secure membership card where you regularly buy your goods. And then always use your membership card when buying items from respective supermarket. Your accumulated rewards points can be used to redeem items included in your shopping card list thus saving you some cash.

3. Check out the promo

Supermarket and grocery stores regularly offer promo on most of their items that could also save you money. Buy four and get one free promo, for example. There are always items with discounted prices or have more contents for the usual price. Buy discount promos only if they are included in your index card. Otherwise you end up spending more than you intend and your budget is derailed.

4. Pay by Cash

Despite the convenience and sophistication of paying by card, resist the temptation but instead pay in cash. What you may not be considering is the charges your bank deduct to your account each time you use your card or the interest cost in case of credit card. This could be substantial over a period of time.

5. Use shopping coupons

Supermarkets and groceries regularly publish brochures featuring products sold in their stores offering discounts and promo coupons. Always pick up these publications whenever you see new issue and use the coupons therein during your shopping. Make sure though that you use these coupons only for items listed in your shopping card.

6. Buy large packaging

Shopping in bulk packages earn you savings compared with buying small packs. I would mean shopping on a monthly basis so what you purchase for various needs should be in large packs good for your needs for the whole month. The price per unit of large pack is lower or per peso have more weight when you compute them. Thus you gain another savings doing this.

Doing all of the above during your shopping days in the supermarkets will develop it into a permanent habit and will enable you to shop wise and manage your funds well.

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Aug 09, 2018
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