Jun 17, 2018

5 easy ways to save money

For most people, the feeling of unease brought by financial constraints is a familiar feeling. At certain point in our lives we have to trade-off certain things just to gain necessary ones.

Whenever our salary arrives, the first thing we do is budget – how much is allotted to pay for bills, repayment for payday loans and other such endeavors. This renders us pretty much financially paralyzed. The good news is it doesn't always have to be this way. We all deserve to breathe freely from the evils of financial incapacity. Here are 5 easy ways to save money!

1. Buy only the needs, less of the wants

The feeling of spending money gives us an exhilarating high. It is very understandable, after all we work to achieve what we want, right? However, it is important to ask ourselves “Do I really need this?” Necessities should be given priorities because, well, they are necessary. If your answer is yes, then buy it! Otherwise, it is not that much of a need and can be bought at another time when things sit more comfortable in our pockets.

2. Sell your excess

On another note, people tend to forget they can actually sell their own belongings! Of course, go for those things you do not need anymore yet still sellable. More and more online sites make it easier for us to sell our pre-loved items. Plus it is a great way to declutter your belongings!

3. Cut the fast food

Listen, we know how convenient it is to go to the nearest fast food chain and order your favorite burger and fries. With our fast-paced lives, who have time to cook anymore, right? You'll be surprised how many easy-to-cook dishes are out there! A simple meal costs less and it is more beneficial to our health.

4. Stop unused subscription

Sure, being in-the-know with the latest news can be useful. However, it can just be an unwanted liability when unread magazines and/or newspapers start piling up.

Going online is the way to go!

5. Start commuting

It may be such a headache to be stuck really long lines but it is the cheaper alternative to private transportation! Trainway systems are also the fastest way of commuting. Save up and ditch the pricey gasoline and maintenance costs. You are also saving the earth!

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Jun 17, 2018
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