Jan 01, 2019

3 Steps to Create a Saving Plan For Your New Year

“New Year, New Me!” as most people say. And as we turn into yet another year, it’s also time for a new set of resolutions!

One of the most often used goal every single year is to start saving up or be more financially-wise. So this 2019, here are some basic guidelines to follow to create the best saving plan fit for you!

Step #1: Evaluation

The first step in entering the New Year is looking back and assessing yourself. Evaluate your inflows and outflows and see the variables that you’ll be working with. What constitutes the bulk of your expenses from the previous year? How much is your projected income for the coming months?

Step #2: Goal-setting

Now that you have the data needed to have a bird’s eye view on what your current status is, it’s time to figure out what you want to achieve for 2019. How do you want to move forward? Do you want to save up a certain amount by the end of the year?

Do you simply want to stick to setting aside a certain percentage every month? Whatever it is, make sure that it’s attainable but is not just within your comfort zone! Remember, growth is still the main point of resolutions!

Step #3: Extra Challenge

With a specific goal in mind, challenge yourself to find ways and strategies on how to reach this. But while saving up can be tough, it doesn’t have to be boring! Make it more manageable and at the same time fun by engaging in yearly “peso-saving challenges” that pops up here and there.

Of course, feel free to personalize and adjust it in order to fit your goals and make it easier to attain.

Despite having all these plans, it is inevitable to face challenges in the incoming year so being flexible is a must and contingency ideas are vital in order for you to stick to your resolution no matter how hard it gets. Once you achieve this at the end of the year, it will definitely be worth it!

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Jan 01, 2019
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